April 27th, 2019. 8am-8pm. CSU Stanislaus. Directed by Austin White, CS Club President.

StanHacks Schedule:

7am: Sign In (Sign-Ins will continue all day)

8am: Opening Ceremony

8:30am: Hacking Begins

8:45am: Team Building

12pm: Lunch served + All Day Snacks

1pm: Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament

3pm: Mario Kart Tournament

7:15pm: Hacking Ends

7:30pm Judging Begins

8pm: Closing Ceremony + Winners announced

All times estimate, activities subject to change.

Prize categories

Best in Show, Grand Prize Pack.

Best Beginner Hack, 4x Roku Express.

Best .Tech Domain, 4x $25 Amazon Gift Cards.

All prizes subject to change.

Venue Directions


Weekend parking is relaxed, so don't worry about having to pay for parking. Lot 8 is right next to the venue. Alternatively, Lot 11 and 11a are also very close. You can also park along Geer Road. Other parking lots are a considerable distance away so try and park as close as you can.


We are following both University Code of Conduct and MLH Code of Conduct. Violations will result in disqualifications. Please be aware that any project considered "Unethical Hacking" will be disqualified and we will take proper action to remove you from the event. This includes the following:

Hardware/Software that's only function is to disable a computer, tablet, phone, or any other device.

Software that is malicious in nature, this includes anything that can be considered a virus. Please refer to Norton Anti-Virus' definition of a virus.

Please refer to this definition of unethical hacking here.

University Code of Conduct // Major League Hacking Code of Conduct